Dorey gets 1st Dan


Now the holder of a black belt by the age of 18, the judo career of young Remi Dorey is going from strength to strength.

And with the reintroduction of the sport to the NatWest Island Games now just four summers away, it could well be that Dorey is challenging for a medal for his island on an International stage before too long.

It was on a visit to the Budokwai judo club in Chelsea recently that Dorey earned his first dan black belt, which follows 11 years of hard work since he took up the sport at the age of just seven.

And according to his coach Mitch Agnelli, it is a reward that Dorey richly deserves

‘We always knew that Remi could do it, but it was all about convincing him and all his hard work has paid off, so we are delighted for him’ explained Agnelli.

‘Remi was winning Ci titles and other events from a very young age, so he has always had talent, what he has is a fighter’s brain and that is one of his main strengths.’

To earn the black belt, Dorey had to gain 20 points by defeating two opponents who were weight categories heavier than himself, which he duly delivered.

On top of that he also went on to pass the first fan examination paper as part of what proved to be a fantastic fay for his family, with father Angleo - who accompanied him on the trip - also passing the first part of his second dan black belt exam.

That could be a long term aim for the younger Dorey too, as he looks to progress onwards and upwards in a sport that Agnelli thinks he still has plenty to give to in the coming years.

‘Judo is not at the next Commonwealth Games, but is back in Durban in 2022 and we should be taking a strong team if it is possible to that, with Remi at his peak, for a lightweight player. He came close to the Commonwealths last time but just missed out, so he isn’t far away at all. And you have the Island Games in 2019 in Gibraltar as well, where he should be one of six or seven fighters that we have who are genuine medal hopes.’