English Masters 2015


On the 30th May 2015, Mitch Agnelli and Ady Carre travelled to High Wycombe to fight in the English Masters.

Mitch came home with a Gold medal, but didn't win the medal, he was awarded it because no-one his age bothered to enter !!! He had to fight two 3rd Dans, they were, respectively, 55 and 59 years of age !! They are part of the British Masters Squad, having medalled at last years championships.

He lost the first by Ippon to a left uchi-mata, however, Mitch’s opponent then fell ontop of him and bruised his ribs.

In the second he was thrown for waza-ari with a de-ashi barai and when they went into groundwork where he managed to hold him off.

When they resumed, Mitch could feel his ribs were aching a lot so he had to concede the fight.

Ady had 4 hard fights, all against Dan grades. He fought well and took three of them the distance.