Guernsey Judo Club Championships 2015


The American Independence Day of the 4th July also proved to be a day of celebration for the 28 boys and 9 girls who competed in the Guernsey Judo Club’s Junior Championships for 2015, held at the club’s dojo located at the Grammar school gym. 

The tournament was conducted under the watchful eye of Mike Leigh, 8th Dan, President of the Southern Area of the British Judo Association as well as Stan Cantrill, 5th Dan, who is a three times World Masters Champion and Malcolm Limrick, 2nd Dan, Sport Director for the Commonwealth Judo Association, ensuring that the officiating was of a high standard.

What should have been the annual C I Junior Championship, was reduced to a club event because of Jersey being unable to book the ferry.

The day proved to be a real success for both players and parents, a festival of judo. Having to compete against their own club mates and regular training partners, most of them knowing each other’s favourite moves inside out, made for very close fought fights.

The competition was divided into two groups, the younger, less experienced boys and girls were introduced to contest judo with a Newaza only (groundwork) event and the older, more experienced youngsters competing in full Shiai (contest) tournament.

Each group consisted of 3 or 4 opponents of similar age and size and each fought against the other to decide who was going to win the gold medal and become the Guernsey Junior Judo Champion for 2015.

After some three hours of hard fighting but which was well within the spirit of judo, eleven categories were decided and every youngster was awarded a hard earned but well deserved  medal, the winners being given the title of Guernsey Junior Champion for 2015.

Thanks must go to the coaching staff of the Guernsey Judo Club for a well organised and smoothly run event and to the parents who supported the competition and who showed their appreciation for all the effort which their children put into every contest. 

The full results are as follows:-


Boys Group 1: Gold Donny Bromley; Silver Lochlan Wallace; Bronze Jake Jones

Boys Group 2: Gold Freddie Upham; Silver Theo Jones; joint Bronze Owen Roussel and                                            Rainers Verpelis.

Boys Group 3: Gold Etienne Gouws; Silver Max Culverwell; joint Bronze Alexander Stewart and Ben Le Marchant.

Girls Group 1: Gold Grace Bourgaize; Silver Shakira Langmead; joint Bronze Mia Edgworth and Olivia Tolcher


Boys Group 1: Gold Henri Bisson; Silver Mason Samson; joint Bronze Lorcan Lihou and Freddie Stewart.

Boys Group 2: Gold Craig Roberts; Silver William Ives; joint Bronze Tyler Thomson and Joshua Chalmers.

Boys Group 3: Gold Lewis Bourgaize; Silver Sonny Dorey; joint Bronze Luc Duffett and Joe Walters

Boys Group 4; Gold Henry Whittaker.

Boys Group 5: Gold Kieran Prigent; Silver Hayden Verriour.

Boys Group 6: Gold Howard Joyce; Silver Cody Dorey; Bronze Brandon Taylor.

Girls Group 1: Gold Millie Ives; Silver Summer Dodd.

Girls Group 2: Gold Eleanor Coe; Silver Chloe Roberts; Bronze Jessica Le Page.